Supervisor's Message -


Welcome to the Town of Haverstraw web site!

The Town Board and I hope that the information provided to you will assist you and inform you about Town Government and the services that we render and also discover the opportunities and amenities that the Town of Haverstraw offers to our residents.

Our website will keep you updated on the many recreational and cultural activities that have been scheduled.

I am proud to be the Supervisor of the Town of Haverstraw. Haverstraw is rich in its history, its culture and its people. It is a great place to live and learn. Our future is bright and there are many things happening in Haverstraw which include the County Waterfront Park, development of a town park in the unincorporated area, youth and senior activities and much more.

Please feel free to contact me at the Haverstraw Town Hall with any questions or comments you may have. 845-429-2200 or fax 845-429-4701.


Howard T. Phillips Jr.

Town of Haverstraw

George E. Wargo Jr. - Superintendent of Highways
Office Phone - (845) 429-9126
Office Fax - (845) 429-2835
Office Hours: 7:00AM to 3:30PM Mon - Fri.

"Throughout the year, the Town of Haverstraw Highway Dept. employees are performing various work related duties in and around the towns roads. Please have patience and understanding while these jobs are being completed. My main function as Superintendent of Highways is to make sure that the Town of Haverstraw roads are safe for all residents or anyone else traveling through the Town of Haverstraw. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact myself or anyone on my staff at the number listed above.

Remember Safety First, so please drive carefully." - George E. Wargo Jr.


Grass & Leaf Pick-Up

All grass and leaves must be put in biodegradable bags. Plastic bags will not be picked up. All biodegradable bags will be picked up every Tuesday at curbside. Please avoid mixing rocks, dirt or other debris in the bags or those bags will be left at curbside. Bags are to be placed at curb Monday night for Tuesday pick up. No bags are to be left out longer then the night before the pick up.

Please do not put brush, twigs or branches in these bags. Those items must be kept separate and called in for a special Monday pick-up. No bags are to be placed in the road at any time. These bags are available at the highway garage on a limited basis. One bundle per household. Please have proof of residency available to show when picking up bags. Bags are usually available after April 1st. Please call the Highway Department to make sure we have the bags in stock.

Bulk Pick-Up

Every Monday bulk pick-ups consist of items other then what your regular carter will pick up. Any garbage or brush from work performed in, on or around your house by an outside contractor must be removed by the contractor, as the town will no longer pick those items up. There will be no exceptions. This service is for residential use only.

Some acceptable items include furniture, toys, appliances, carpeting, mowers, bicycles, tires, brush, wood and metal objects.

All items must be separated (bulk, metal, brush, hazardous) and placed in an orderly manner at curbside for pick-up. No items are to be placed in the road at any time. Bulk items can only be placed out on Sunday nights for pick up. No garbage is to be left out longer than the night before the pick up. If you are not sure about any items please feel free to check with us.

Household Trash/Recycling

Household items are picked up by Sterling Carting if you have any questions or concerns please contact them directly at 845-753-6666.

Recycling items are picked up by Charles Capasso & son Inc. If you have any questions or problems please contact them directly at 845-786-2139.








 Winter Information & Facts

No parking is permitted on any street in the Town between the hours of 2AM and 6AM from November 15th through April 1rst by order of the Town code. This is to assist with our ice and snow removal operations. Please check mailbox and post office periodically during the winter season.

Our plows rarely hit the mailboxes, most damage is caused by the impact and weight of the snow being pushed up against weakened or older posts. Any damage caused to them must be reported to the Highway Dept. in a timely manner.

Any berm or driveway which may have been damaged by the winter weather will be repaired in the springtime. You must call these repairs in to the Highway Dept. to be put on the spring repair/clean up list.

Spring Information & Facts

Grass and or leaves in biodegradable bags are picked up year round weather permitting.

Spring clean up consists of road or berm repairs and pruning or trimming back of any town trees or brush which may be causing a hazardous condition to the drivers on the road. It also consists of grass cutting and garbage clean- up along the town roads.

Town Easement & Right of Way

The first 10 feet of most properties has been retained by the Town of Haverstraw as an easement/right of way. This is done so that the Town or any utility companies that need to do work in that area does not need to get the homeowners permission to do so. Anything planted, buried or done within those 10 feet is done at the expense of the homeowner. Any damage done to items within those 10 feet will not be replaced or repaired by the Town of Haverstraw.

Road Jurisdictions

Route 202 and Route 9W are both maintained by the N.Y.S. Dept. of Transportation, who can be reached at (845) 634-4661.

The Rockland County Highway Dept. (845)-638-5060 maintains the following roads located within the town. Thiells Mt. Ivy Rd., Hammond Rd., Suffern Ln, Central Highway(N. & S.), Willow Grove Rd. and Call Hollow Rd. They can be reached at (845) 638-5060.

For any problems or concerns regarding those roads please contact those departments by their respective numbers listed above. All other roads within the Town, please contact the Highway Dept. directly at 429-9126. If there is a problem on a town road after normal business hours please contact the Town Police at (845) 354-1500.