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Welcome to the Town of Haverstraw web site!

The Town Board and I hope that the information provided to you will assist you and inform you about Town Government and the services that we render and also discover the opportunities and amenities that the Town of Haverstraw offers to our residents.

Our website will keep you updated on the many recreational and cultural activities that have been scheduled.

I am proud to be the Supervisor of the Town of Haverstraw. Haverstraw is rich in its history, its culture and its people. It is a great place to live and learn. Our future is bright and there are many things happening in Haverstraw which include the County Waterfront Park, development of a town park in the unincorporated area, youth and senior activities and much more.

Please feel free to contact me at the Haverstraw Town Hall with any questions or comments you may have. 845-429-2200 or fax 845-429-4701.




Howard T. Phillips Jr.

Town of Haverstraw

Haverstraw Town Police Department

Mission Statement

The mission of the Haverstraw Town Police Department is to protect the right of all persons within its jurisdiction to be free from criminal attack, secure in their possessions and to live in peace.

The members of the Haverstraw Town Police Department shall perform the Law Enforcement function in a professional manner, consistent with the values of society as its primary objective.

The members shall exercise sound judgment in the execution of their duties for the good of the public; seeking to preserve public confidence by demonstrating impartial service to law, recognizing both statutory and judicial limitations of Police Authority and the constitutional rights of all persons.

Patrol Division

The patrol unit of the Haverstraw Town Police Department consists of two patrol lieutenants, nine patrol sergeants, and approximately twenty-five full time and up to six part time sworn police officers. From that mix, at different times of the year and depending on requirements, the staff and various divisions draw officers for various interesting details. We staff the detective divisions "Street Crimes Unit" assist the "Youth Division", provide a "School Resource Officer" for North Rockland High School and a "Dare Officer" for the Willow Grove School, all with patrol officers.

The patrol unit of the Haverstraw Town Police Department covers all the basic police functions that most people associate with common police work. Covering a suburban community, our patrol unit is tasked with a normal patrol function, felony, misdemeanor and violation arrests, vehicle and traffic enforcement, initial crime investigations, response to all complaints to determine a course of action best to resolve matters and all other related police work. The patrol unit is routinely tasked to support special events, provide emergency response to natural disasters, and provide first response to medical emergencies and community policing on a regular basis.

To contact the Town of Haverstraw Police Department phone: (845) 354-1500, for any police emergency dial 911, or come directly to our Headquarters at: 101 West Ramapo Road, Garnerville, New York 10923

Detective Division

The Haverstraw Town Police Department Detective Division consists of a staff of four plus two additional patrol officers assigned to the street crimes unit. The detective division has the ultimate responsibility for investigating all major crimes such as homicide, robbery, burglary, serious assaults, sex crimes, suspicious death and serious traffic accidents. We are also responsible for the registration and follow up of all sex offenders residing within the jurisdiction. The detective division also works in conjunction with other federal, state and local agencies conducting investigations within Haverstraw Town. The detective division is responsible for maintaining and executing all warrants. An additional task of the detective division is gathering, securing and maintaining evidence.

Anyone wishing to contact the Detective Division of the Haverstraw Town Police Department may do so by calling (845) 354-1500 or for any Police emergency call 911.

All information received by the Haverstraw Town Police Detective Division will be kept confidential.

Youth Division

The Haverstraw Town Police Department Youth Division consists of two detectives and handles all investigations involving persons under sixteen years of age. The youth division assists in intervention of youths involved in domestic violence investigations. The youth division oversees all investigations of incidents that occur within the six schools in Haverstraw Town. The youth division handles all investigations involving sex crimes when the victims are sixteen years of age or younger. In addition to investigating crimes, the youth division provides a community service program, interacts with the Police Athletic League, provides resources to other agencies involving youth family problems, conducts missing and runaway juvenile investigations, juvenile fingerprinting programs and the Dare program.

Anyone wishing to contact the Haverstraw Town Police Department Youth Division may do so by calling (845) 354-1500 or for any police emergency call 911.

All information received by the Haverstraw Town Police Department Youth Division will be kept confidential